My dear,

I may not laugh at your jokes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care
I’ve kept you company and made you laugh, from back then till now
Why do you get frustrated with me?
Why do you treasure that chaotic fellow?
He is but a disturbance

Open your eyes my love!
I keep you tranquil and sooth your nerves
He gives you head aches and screams in your ears
Take me back my love, for you shall find no one better
There’s no one as loyal as I

I held your many secrets and never told a soul
I’d never betray you, for I don’t yap like he does
I’d follow you anywhere, even to the far regions of Sheol
And should you choose him over me as you have done before?
I shall only wait,just beyond the grave

There there’ll be two, just you and me


Laughter is madness!
That noisy sound that every human makes
It grates on my nerves and twist my skull
But your laughter my lady brings me to life
Every human sounds like a grunting pig when experiencing mirth
You my lady are anything but.
Your laugh is like the running brook twisting over rocks
The chirping of the birds is an offensive noise to my tender ears
Dancing and singing is a source of frustration
Love is ridiculous and happiness is overrated
I’m a complex man, i know but leave me be
I never want for much in life and i’d never ask you for anything
if i had to, all i’d ask my dear, is that you don’t stop laughing



I have a fight to pick with you, wretched old man
You never allow me a moment rest
You never give of yourself to me
With whips you yell “Make hay! Make hay!”
Your stinging blows make me afraid
On our daily, race you never wait
“I’m needed here! I’m needed there!
I’m not appreciated! I’m not loved!” you always complain
But, who can love you when you partner with death?
When you steal little coins of everyone’s breath
You fill everyone with so much regrets
And many are stung by your various threats
Alas! Though, I must say-
You do fill up my bottle with sweet memories
And heal my wounds with your soothing balm
You made me love the lady living and lust for my mistress breathing
So, you old wretch, I have you to thank
For your incessant whips did turn me serious
And your balm did heal my heart
Thus, old man, I give you a test
To refrain from my only treasure breadth and be at your best
Though you and your cohort death would eventually steal my breadth
I can’t blame you, for I know you’d try your best


There exist a time where no one knows
When light and darkness together flowed
Twas the dawn of new beginnings
A time for new things

There exists a land forgotten
Where love and joy were never gotten
Twas a time of great sorrow
When happiness could never be burrowed

There exists a home with no warmth
Living there was like being buried in a dome
Twas a space of great gloom
With neither laughter or the sound of a spinning loom

There exists a man without emotions
Being with him was like being with cold steel
He was a living man but with no life
With only his rifle for a wife

There exist you and me sharing a space
In the race for happiness, we increase our pace
To be something more than what we are
To leave our marks in little clefts, as we behold the end from afar



I met a stranger today, with kind eyes
I met a stranger who always lies
I met a stranger at a loss for words
I met a stranger amidst lords

I met a stranger who made me gasp
I met a stranger who stung like a wasp
I met a stranger with a featherlike touch
I met a stranger who made me burn like a torch

I met a stranger who drove me mad
I met a stranger who called me a cad
I met a stranger with a passionate kiss
I met a stranger who called me a priss

I met a stranger with the hands of a thief
I met a stranger who caused me grief
I met a stranger who was nothing like a dove
I met a stranger and I fell in love


Have you seen my lover?
I seem not to recall her name
But I do remember how she caresses my locks wily nily
And how she barks commands to my clothes, asking them to reveal my chocolate treats for her delight

There’s an evil glint in her eyes when she does her many mischief, but she’s never caught
When I’m cold, she showers warm kisses on my skin
When I’m hot, she molds her cool body to mine
She’s a lover to many but my one true love

I could never cage her, though I’ve tried
Like wild dogs her lovers fight over her
But none ever did prove successful
She comes when she pleases and goes where she wants

She’s cruel, my beautiful lover and I love it!
And now that I think about it,
I remember her now and how we both sinned
Yes! Her name is WIND





The room was filled with a cloud of smoke; there was a thick stench of the heavy perfume of British aristocrats mixing with the stench of tobacco emitting a nauseating mixture of scents which had the lone girl in the room almost gagging.

Ezinne looked about her, she was surrounded by pasty white faces of men who leered at her or looked at her with undisguised disgust.

They were about to start bid on her and Ezinne felt trepidation. Her life was about to change in ways she would never dream of. She felt the tears threatening to fall but with will power she forced them back.

“Look! an African slave girl, from the tribe of Igbo’s, she has the stamina to work and a survivor of a disease inflicted crew. A virgin for those interested and a good breeder if I say so myself.” The presenter a middle aged bloated ruddy man  boasted with conviction.

Ezinne glanced about her hoping for a miracle. The faces staring back at her scared her and for that moment she wished to be back home in her mother’s little hut sharing a meal with her father.

“We would start the bid at a hundred pounds!” the presenter said hoping for a bidder. The was no bid, Fredrick looked around at his small crowd. “Okay. We start with fifty pounds.” He adjusted. “Fifty pounds!” lord Hamilton yelled, opening the floor. “Seventy pounds!” lord Tristan countered looking smug. He and Hamilton were best friends and always seemed to imbibe in a little tug of war. Hamilton glared at him in mock rage. “Five hundred pounds!” Lucian Earl of Hamish countered. There was silence as people wondered why he would waste so much on a slave, bonny or not. “Five hundred pounds! Going once! Going twice! ”

“One thousand pounds!” Lord Sampson lord of claymore countered eliciting a hush among the men in the room.”One thousand pounds, going once! Going twice! “Fredrick paused looking at Lucian who simply shrugged “sold! To Lord Sampson. ”Fredrick motioned for the men to bring in the next commodity. Ezinne had watched as the men had made their bid. It felt like she was at the market only slightly differently she was the commodity being sold. She felt herself being ushered out of the stage through the exit of the men’s club. She forced herself to look at the man who was going to be her master. She was surprised to see that he wasn’t white but sort of black. His eyes were kind and understanding. As the men forced her through the exit and into the waiting carriage, she felt a small ray of hope for the first time in a long time.


Ezinne looked about her; she had apparently fallen asleep in the farm. The labour of the day left her tired and she had only wanted to catch a few winks of sleep. She hadn’t intended to sleep the rest of the day away. The virgin dance for the new yam festival was a day away and she was to practice with the girls one more time. She looked at the position of the sun to guess the time and hurried along with her hoe slung on her shoulder. As she walked briskly she heard a rustle behind her, she turned brandishing her hoe in front of her. Emeka busted out of the bush. He seemed frustrated, on seeing her he yelled “Ezinne! Where have you been? Papa na kpogi” he told her holding her arm firmly pulling her along with him. “Ogini, biko hapum aka .Ai na bia , I’m coming.” She pleaded as she jerked her arm free of her brother’s hold. “Mba o, you are coming with me. I don’t want papa embarrassing me because of you” Emeka replied looking serious. Ezinne paused to look at her favorite brother,” Emeka biko nu, I have to practice for the festival dance today. Please tell papa that you did not see me.”

“I could cover for you Ezinne but not today. Papa was serious about you coming, it’s important Ezinne.”  Ezinne felt trepidation as she walked through the winding path of the farm. Every step tripled the feeling of doom for Ezinne” Emeka biko, biko gwanumu ihieme gini, please tell me what’s going on?” Ezinne pleaded but her brother was not moved. The trek home was made in silence.


On entering the compound, Ezinne wasn’t shocked when she saw the little crowd gathered en mass in her father’s compound. She had been having a bad feeling from the moment she saw Emeka. “Ada Nne!” her father’s first wife ugochi yelled out to her as she approached closer to her father’s hut” Osiso! Osiso! She’s asking to speak with you” she said grasping her arm and leading her away from her father’s hut. “Mma, Ogini? Please, tell me what’s going on? “ she pleaded. Ugochi hesitated for a moment before deciding to tell her. “ Your mother is-

“Ugochi that’s enough!”.Ugochi was interrupted by the loud voice of Mazi udoka, “ Learn to control your tongue!, know your place ugochi” Mazi udoka counseled, obviously perturbed with the present situation. “ Ezinne!”

“Yes papa”

“Go to your mother, she has something to say to you.”

Ezinne felt the feeling of fear double as she made her way to her mother’s bedside. The bamboo bed seemed to creak loudly as if to complain atears..her weight as she reclined on it

“Mama ogini?”Ezinne asked trying to hold back tears




I know a girl, five feet tall and made of chocolate

Her bright eyes have become sad of late

She fancied herself in love with a monster

He was vile and lonely as a lone star

She had so much fire and joy

Now she’s nothing but a broken toy

She loved laughter and was gay

Now, he’s made her into a wingless fey

Everything he hated, she ran from

She never had anything to choose from

His law was her holy grail

She had never been so frail

His kisses were done with his fist

And of his love letters, there was a long list

She never glows anymore

She has become a tragic folklore

All she ever did was fret

She was such a frightened pet

I know a girl five feet tall and made of chocolate

I’m afraid she’s five feet under and I’m a bit too late




Are you mad?

To be reading the poem of a confused cad, I think you are

Should you argue otherwise, then, why do you read my work so far?

For I am mad and you are a cad or am I a cad and you mad?

We all are mad in this blue jewel called earth

For we see colors and give our hatred breath

We pride ourselves in being different when sameness dwells within

We kill at the slight provocation with no love for living for madness is such a strong feeling

If you have felt hate and anger at any point while alive

If you’ve lashed out at any creature dead or breathing

Then, know that you are mad!

You for reading my work thus far and feeling so strongly

I for being a cad

And the whole world for choosing wrong every single time.





It’s a movie based in the medieval era, every scene holds the attention of any and everyone.

The movie deals with characters facing day to day dilemma that helps the audience to relate with them.

Like the name implies, the acquisition of the throne can be compared to a game whereby some win and some lose.

The Iron throne is the prize which is sought by everyone belonging to different houses and dynasties.

The Iron throne signifies POWER, it’s the heart of the land and it’s situated in Kingslanding which is still situated in the fictional continent of Westeros.

The series premiered on HBO in the United States in 2011 and from then on, it has gone out to be a big success globally.

George R.R. Martin is the brain behind the series and he still remains a force to be observed in the movie industry

It has received 38 Primetime Emmy Awards and other nominations, its main actors such as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maise Williams, Diana Rigg and Max von sydow have all Emmy award nominations for their artful performances.

The different houses or dynasties in the series include the House Stark, House Greyjoy, House Lannister, House Frey, House Arryn and Noble house. We also witness the demise of strong family, that’s the Starks. The family members were massacred but a few still survived and grew in power and character. Examples include the following:

JON SNOW17523620_438982236449972_762427134355102059_n

He was a bastard who later became a Steward, then the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch and later the king of the North. His history is a mystery that adds spice to the character; he went from being a boy to a man. The series points to him having shared family tree with Daenarys Tagaryen and a future alliance between the duo.


The young tomboy of the stark family, skilled in swordsmanship. She witnessed the death of her mother, brother and father. She was struck with blindness, separated from her family, forced to be a servant to a deity and almost lost her identity. She rose to become an assassin of some sort, seeking revenge for all who destroyed her family


She is known for her red hair, pretty face and calm façade. She witnessed the death of her father, was maltreated by the same king who ordered her father’s death, forced into a loveless marriage to a dwarf, became a fugitive, was sold into marriage once again to Sir Ramsay Bolton and was raped.

Despite all these, she escaped, killed her mentally unstable husband, took control of his holdings and lands and became a great helper to her half brother Jon Snow.

The Stark family members go on and I’m sure we all can cover the remaining list. For those who don’t know the members, I’ll recommend that you watch the movie.

Other compelling characters include:

She has many titles ranging from the Mother of Dragons to Khaleesi-The Breaker of Chains and then the Queen of the Andals and the Unsullied.

She descended from the Tagaryen House which was the last ruling dynasty before the Lannisters took over with the help of the Starks.

She’s a princess in her own right and has a strong desire to take the Iron Throne. She hates every form of slavery owing that she as well was sold at a particular point in her life. She too rose from being a slave to the queen of the Dothraki, the Andals and later the Queen of Meereen.

She’s well known for her control over dragons and her fierce loyalty to friends. She experienced loss, ranging from loss of a baby to loss of a husband.  Such adversity only served to make her a very formidable adversary in the quest for the iron throne.


CIRCE LANNISTER17904372_441474912867371_8347072392136953971_n

She’s a cunning woman who practiced incest with her brother and cousin; she’s not altogether bad since we see through the cracks, an image of a doting mother.

She’s proud and more of a villain in the series, she has an immense hatred for her brother Tyrion due her belief that he killed their mother and that he being a dwarf could only bring disaster.

Currently, she’s the queen of the Iron throne but viewers are expecting her to be dethroned soon in the series.


Currently, the movie revolves around Daenarys Tagaryen, Jon Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya stark, Tyrion Lannister, Circe Lannister, Little Finger and the white walkers.




“I think the nudity content is too much, it’s not a movie I can watch with my friends or younger ones. Though the storyline is appealing, the pornographic content is a turn off for me”.



“The movie is dope! You can’t help but be rooted to your chair till the whole episode finishes.

If I’m hungry and I’m watching Game of Thrones, I’d still stay put; unless I’m so hungry that I want to die, no movie can keep me from obeying the call of my Tommy”.



“Game of Thrones!  Wow! That’s all I can say. The series makes mad sense; it’s my number one seasonal movie. I don’t mind the nude scenes, when I get there I just fast forward and besides it has reduced drastically”.



“That movie is just porn, there’s no difference at all. It’s the same with SPARTARCUS, both of them na correct pornography”.



“That movie na die! As I dey here so, I just dey wait make season seven come out. It’s going to be bloody, if person no know Game of Thrones then e be like say e don die.

It’s something person go fit recommend for everyone, excluding kids and teenagers. But the rest, Ah! Make dem rush begin watch am from season one to six”.


Is Game of Thrones Dope or Nope?

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